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Wiind combines seamless video technology with data tested engagement triggers. We combine strategy, user experience and design to help innovative professionals build valuable relationships.

Anatomy of the perfect email

Engaging Subject Line

Your or your companies name in subject line results in 27% higher email open rate.

Individualized Content

Making your content specific to the individual results in 58% increase in response rate.

Personalized Video In Email

An image with a moving person and a play button results in 59% higher engagement and 38% increase in response rate.

Actionable Landing Page

Seamlessly send individuals from email to actionable landing page with your video and action button.

Personalized landing pages

Engage your audience with personalized landing pages that drive action with a personalized video, customizable CTA headlines, and CTA buttons that link to your content.
David Kats

KATS Consulting
Therapist Consultant

“The biggest innovation to email since email itself...I can now better educate my clients, and it’s even easier that text email”

Leyla Colón

ADP Payroll
Regional Sales Manager

“I’m continually looking for ways to stand out and show my clients how much I care. I think I found it.”

Spencer Hay

Fatt Merchant
Head of Sales

“My engagement is way up! This is definitely the future...The platform gets better every day.”

“There’s something brewing in the minds of your customers; They are sick and tired of feeling isolated, unappreciated, and ignored. It’s no longer a numbers game. Today’s consumers are educated, engaged, and social.”
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